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Start 2022 With Active Affirmations To Serve You All Year


Sunday, January 9, 2022 FREE Active Affirmations (Manifesting )Masterclass. I am Gifting you this class. ($25.00 value) my tithing to the Universe. 1 pm ET | Noon pm CT | 11pm MT | 10am PT A new year is here, and we have hope for something better. Recently, I have received emails and calls asking for my affirmations, code for manifesting to improve their lives. It is a practice I replaced with Active Affirmations. I pondered those requests and felt if they were as so, might you? This FREE masterclass is the solution I came up with. I have used the technique I will be sharing to manifest things from free trips for years to my dream trip to Tibet, pianos, a boat,  buying my dream home, and it continues.  I will share my dreams that manifested in the class – “Active Affirmations. Click below to join the class; You will learn to make it one of your best years. Take a few moments to think of one thing you desire for 2022.   Active affirmations are way beyond the standard declaration. 

  • Improve relationships and connections
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Business

Would you like to discover how to unleash and harness the Power of Active Affirmations? Join me for this journey to the Active Affirmation way of Living, and it is your choice to make this year more fulfilling. Click the link below; it will take you to the checkout to send you the link to the zoom meeting and resources page. See You soon, Darielle.    


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