FSPS 6-week course Sept 2022


2 ET | 1 pm CT | noon MT | 11 am PT (like having 6 sessions with Darielle)

Start Fall with Feng Shui with Darielle as she shares decades of research, study, and her passion for Feng Shui and takes you on an amazing 6-journey. Feng Shui address every area of your life in the Life Blueprint known as the Bagua. These areas are Career/Life Journey, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame, Love/Marriage, Children/Creativity, Benefactor/ Travel, and the Cente( Tai Chi).

Want to break your co-dependent relationship with Clutter and Create a relationship with a clean home, office, and garage? Enjoy this year’s better, your holidays, more time with family, less stress, and increased productivity at home and work. Come join me.

I guide entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, healers, moms, and caregivers on ways to heal, minimize overwhelm, and recharge. So that they by using the Power of Three, the Healing Mindset, Feng Shui, and Energy Work, they can create a Life they Love.


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