Feng Shui Pure and Simple 6-Week Course


Better than a New Year’s resolution. It gives all year!
January 15th – February 19th, 2022, the first 20 people

2 ET | 1 pm CT | noon MT | 11 am PT  (like having six sessions with Darielle

Start the New Year off correctly and use it throughout the year. Better than a New Year’s resolution. Darielle shares her passion with Feng Shui and takes you on a fantastic 6-week journey. I love that Feng Shui has a place to support every member of your home, including our furry family members. Breathe New Life into your environment, experience more peace,  help with clutter and enjoy increased harmony.

After the holidays, I  wanted to offer an affordable class with easy, simple steps, demystifying Feng Shui.  Use and Benefit from this ancient Chinese practice between art and science known as Feng Shui. 

Discover, Understand and make adjustments to benefit you in Feng Shui’s nine life areas of your home or office: Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame/Reputation, Marriage/Relationships, Creativity/Children, Travel/Benefactors, and the Center.

• Discover how to use the Bagua, the Blueprint Overlay for your life, home, or office

• Surprising uses of Feng Shui

• How to use colors correctly

• Know the Elements and properties of each area of life

• Adjusting the flow of energy Too Much Or Too Little Stuff

• Understanding what you see and feel in your home – cramped or sterile

• How to use the Feng Shui rules and apply them to benefit you daily.

 Start the New Year off to Benefit You all year.

I can't believe it a few days after your Feng Shui of our home my husband got a job. He had been out of work for over a year. My son started doing better in school. Eileen F. - Washington state

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I asked Darielle to Feng Shui our house. What she performed is an absolute miracle. She created collections and pockets of beauty everywhere you look, including a photo gallery and work studio which I absolutely love.
The Feng Shui then flowed outside, where she and her husband extended the current patio area to create a beautiful, relaxing patio setting. Darielle has completely transformed our home into a place of beauty and peacefulness. The entire process has been very healing for me. ”Sherry Sherod, Snohomish, WA

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"Feng Shui Pure and Simple

Feng Shui expert Darielle, guides on the correct placement of possessions, improving your self-worth, relationships, and creating success. Restoring balance to the affected area can be subtle, remarkable, and in many cases instantaneous.

The ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui attends to nine areas of life: Family, Wealth, Health, Fame, Children /Creativity, Marriage/ Knowledge, and Career/Life Journey.

Defined Space is an organized space bringing the inhabitants more clarity, focus, energy, and calm to enjoy life more. Gain the confidence of what remedy to use where and the why behind it. “Where You Place It Matters” Pure and Simple. Darielle Archer,


I guide entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, healers, moms, and caregivers on ways to heal, minimize overwhelm, and recharge. So that they by using the Power of Three, the Healing Mindset, Feng Shui, and Energy Work, they can create a Life they Love.


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