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Feng Shui Membership –

$30.00 / month

Feng Shui Membership (regularly $97.00 monthly) Pre-requisite must have completed the Feng Shui Pure and Simple 6-week course.

Monthly 1st & 3rd Saturdays

2 ET | 1 pm CT | noon MT | 11 am PT

Feng Shui Membership gives you access to the twice-monthly, Zoom classes, replays, bonuses, and downloadable. These classes turn on your motivations as you gather momentum to “Create the Home You Love to Live In” and “Design Your Office to Support Your Business.” We will have fun figuring out where you are now and what you desire to do next.

Feng Shui membership is an excellent investment in yourself that will help you release the clutter and gain the clean house, office and garage that has previously been a dream. Feng Shui improves your relationship and communication with yourself, every member of the house, including pets, your friends, family, neighbors, their groups,  community, and the world. This supportive, interactive, and fun ongoing membership masterclass is filled with knowledge to help you develop your Feng Shui skills and practices giving you pride and confidence.

Where you place your prized possession does matter. Correctly placing items and activating them has many benefits. Many people feel by doing Feng Shui, their lives improve on multiple levels.

  • Increased income
  • A rise in your energy levels
  • Calmer, lower stress
  • Better focus and carry through
  • Closer relationship connection
  • Feel aligned with your purpose
  • It saves you time by being organized

Feng Shui Pure & Simple 6-Week Course Starting APRIL 22nd


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