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Energy Vampire Protection Masterclass


November 17th, Wednesday

2 pm ET | 1 pm CT | noon MT | 11 am PT

   November 20th, Saturday

Noon  ET | 11 am CT | 10 am  MT | 9 am  PT

Special Holiday pricing only $17

Are you an Overworked business owner,  Holistic Practitioners,  caregiver, salesperson, healer, or a mother?  Anyone who is consistently giving out energy? Our nears and dears where we give so much to, so where do we get recharged. In this Masterclass, discover how to Recharge quickly, set healthy Boundaries, from energy drained to Energy Protected on Demand.

This class will show you when you have encountered an  “Energy Vampire”, one minute you are feeling great then you aren’t. Those closest to us are often our Biggest drainers. Imagine being relaxed, taking a deep breath, and enjoying the Holidays. I often run this class in connection with my Feng Shui Holiday Harmony Masterclass. 

  • Discover the 6 symptoms of an energy vampire encounter
  • The Re-Charging Breath
  • Protection from the chronic drainers around you
  • The Bubble technique

So who needs Energy Vampire Protection?

  • Entrepreneur
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Caregivers
  • Energy Workers
  • moms

Here and energy drainer there a Big drainer are our workplace, online meetings, riding the bus, grocery stores and oh! traffic to name a few.

Did you know some of our biggest energy drainers are our nears and dears? We give them our love, time, and most of all our energy to the level of depleting ourselves. This class will show you how to set energy boundaries healthy for both parties.

Something feels out of sync or out of place. You’re suddenly aware and uncomfortable. Now is the time to activate your protection. When it feels out of place, rather than a question, just start the protection process.

If you take the time to question and mull over it, you have just lost another chunk of your energy.

We were meant to walk this Earth empowered not cowered. Reclaim Your energy back now!


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