9-28 & 9-30 2022 Feng Shui Masterclass


Wednesday, 9-28-2022 ~Time: Noon ET | 11 am CT | 10 MT | 9 am PT  

Friday, 9-30-2022, ~ Time: 1 pm ET | Noon CT  11 MT | 10 am PT  Each class is 2 hours with one short break.

Last time this year, I taught this course. Do not miss this opportunity. This class is so special I only open it up 2x a year.



Feng Shui improves your life on many levels, imagine a clean house or office, no more house shame or embarrassment when people unexpectedly show up at your home. Feng Shui is also an antidote to Chaos and Clutter. Join me for an exciting journey where you will discover how to use the Life Map (Bagua) and apply the principles with an understanding of the ways and rules of Feng Shui.

The Holidays are in sight think of the Wonderful Ideas you can get!

What I people love is that everyone and everything has a place in the nine Life Areas: Career/Life Journey, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame, Marriage/Relationship, Children/Creativity, and Benefactor/Travel.

Think of Feng Shui working 24/7, 365 days a year, to benefit you. Feng Shui never asks for time off or a raise.

– What do you want Feng Shui to help you?

– What does each member of the home want to improve?

I guide entrepreneurs,  holistic practitioners, healers, and caregivers on ways to heal, minimize overwhelm, and recharge.

Using the Combined Power of a Healing Mindset, Feng Shui, and Energy Work so that people create a Life they Love, and a business that supports them.


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