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Manifesting Trio Masterclass

May 30, 2022  ♦  Energy First Aid Academy

Manifesting Trio Masterclass

I am often asked about manifesting, is sit energy or mindset? My answer is it is both, as many teachers focus only on the mindset aspect of mindset. Although necessary without releasing energy blocks from the past, it only creates the same pattern.

As a Hypnotherapist and energy worker, I have years of testing and research, I developed a system to help me overcome the effects and trauma of a lightning strike. My approach is to release the past blocks and stuck energy and create a new pattern. The Manifesting Trio was born, filled with unique shortcuts.

TIP: Take a few deep breaths - inhale 3, hold 3, exhale 3, pause, do 3 sets. 

The Manifesting Trio is about shortcuts to dissolving blocks to health, wealth, and self-confidence. A powerful 3-part series provides ways to improve that area and give you missing pieces.

Sherry's Testimonial on Darielle's Manifesting Trio classes opened up and changed my perspective of where I was and would like to be. It brought awareness that I was no longer in the center of my circle, that my wealth was being more distributed to others around me than it was to me, and that my energy had been draining for quite some time. I'm learning to refocus, recharge, let go of the baggage I no longer need, and believe in myself. I appreciate how Darielle keeps the class focused, on track, and fun. I love what I learn from the interaction with other participants. These are excellent classes, and I am grateful to participate in them.

I believe this trio combination will give you the support to begin creating more of what you want—showing you how to bring into alignment these areas.

Health Masterclass –

  • Learn what are your blocks to healing
  • Discover and create a Healing Mindset
  • Turn on your healing abilities

Wealth Masterclass –

  • Uncover limiting beliefs around wealth
  • Heal wealth wounds
  • Set yourself free to create wealth

Super Confidence –

  • Stop hiding and Embrace your  superpower
  • Align your confidence to the image and feelings you want
  • Walk into any situation and feel at ease.

Come ready to learn, bring an open mind, and discover how Amazing you are!

Join me in this life-changing combination of masterclasses as an investment in your present and future.


Includes Replays Bonuses, downloadables)

Where: Zoom (I'll provide a link)


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