June 2022 Manifesting Trio – Energy First Aid Academy


Manifesting Trio - Health, Wealth And Super Confidence

With Darielle Archer

When: Friday,  June 3, June 10, and June 18, 2022

1 pm ET | Noon pm CT | 11 am MT | 10 am PT

Note:  Saturday, June 18, 2022

5 pm ET | 4 pm CT | 3 pm MT | 2 pm PT

Includes Replays Bonuses, downloadables)

Where: Zoom (I'll provide a link)

Why: Because you and your business need it!

This powerful 3-part series on manifesting health, wealth, and super-confidence will give you the missing pieces.



Registration is limited

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The Manifesting Trio is about shortcuts to dissolving blocks to health, wealth, and self-confidence. A powerful 3-part series provides ways to improve that area and give you missing pieces.

I used these same techniques to heal and gain my life back as a lightning strike survivor.

Sherry: "Darielle's Manifesting Trio classes opened up and changed my perspective of where I currently was and where I would like to be. It brought awareness that I was no longer in the center of my circle, that my wealth was being more distributed to others around me than it was to me, and that my energy had been draining for quite some time I'm learning to refocus, recharge, let go of the baggage I no longer need, and believe in myself. I appreciate how Darielle keeps the class focused, on track, and fun.  These are excellent classes, and I am very grateful that I participated in them."

I believe this trio combination will give you the support to begin creating more of what you want—showing you how to bring into alignment these areas.

Health Masterclass

  • Learn what are your blocks to healing
  • Discover and create a Healing Mindset
  • Turn on your healing abilities

Wealth Masterclass –

  • Uncover limiting beliefs around wealth
  • Heal wealth wounds
  • Set yourself free to create wealth

Super Confidence

  • Stop hiding and Embrace your  superpower
  • Align your confidence to the image and feelings you want
  • Walk into any situation and feel at ease.

Come ready to learn, bring an open mind, and discover how Amazing you are!

An investment in your present and future, join me in this life-changing combination of masterclasses.


This Masterclass will start in

This class is for you if...

  • Wanting to improve your health.

  • Heal Money Wounds

  • Super Confidence Is A Superpower activates courage to take action


What you'll learn


Your Healing Ability

Dissolve your roadblocks to healing. Activate your ability. 

Dial It Down

Learn to use the "Dial It Down" technique for pain and discomfort.

Heal Wealth Wounds

Finds your missing wealth pieces. Create new a relationship with wealth. 

Create Wealth Energy

Create wealth energy and direct it to your goal. Use the Bubble techniques. 

Super Confidence

Heal old confidence issues and  Walk confidently in life. 

Speak With Confidence

Find your voice again, and hear you own inner truth whispers. 

Manifesting Alignments

Being in Alignment with Health, Wealth, and Super Confidence increases your ability to enjoy life again.

A Happier Life

Enjoy the process of using the Manifesting Trio techniques daily.

See what past attendees have to say:


"WOW. The fantastic trio, I learned so much.

Kathy like pic


So helpful, loved the techniques and excercises.

Sherry sherod updated pi



These masterclasses filled in so many missing pieces

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

Not sure you can do this? I've got a fantastic story for you…Lightnings Strike Survivor

After being struck by lightning, I lost my confidence and developed a fear I could not heal myself, limiting my practice and income. I said no more and began developing a system to help me one day. Thus The Energy First Aid Blueprint was born.


My quest and vision were to help my clients, family, and friend who had suffered traumatic events and felt lost.

I wanted to share the Manifesting Trio with them as a part of the Energy First Aid Blueprint.



So... are you in?

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