Focus And Flow MasterClass 2024 – Energy First Aid Academy

Focus And Flow Masterclass 2024,

Catapult Your Energy and Alleviate Pain 

Date: Coming Soon , TBD, 2024 

Time: 4 pm PT | 5 pm MT | 6 m CT | 7 pm ET

Duration: 90 minutes to Increased Energy and Pain Relief

Workbook and replay part of the class.

Where: Zoom (I'll provide a link after purchase )

With Darielle Archer

Last time at this incredible price

$47 $17

Registration is limited!

Why This Masterclass Matters:
The detrimental effects of energy vampires are far-reaching and can hinder your success, happiness, and overall well-being. By mastering the art of energy management and healing, you'll reclaim your time, joy, and meaningful connections, paving the way for a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Join Us:
Spaces are limited; secure your spot now to begin your transformative journey toward healing, empowerment, and liberation.

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Welcome to Focus and Flow, a life-changing "Energy Mastery and Healing" masterclass. This unique program is designed to help creative types, empaths, and everyday people break free from the grips of Distractions and energy Drainers. By learning pain-reducing techniques, you can reclaim time and joy, create meaningful connections, and take control of your life in a way that resonates with your unique needs and interests. You can use

Comments from previous participants:

"During the class, the pain in my knees was gone."

"I had less shoulder pain."

"I felt calmer."

"Felt a shift."

"My focus was better."

Experience the transformative teachings of renowned expert Darielle Archer, the author of "The Thriving Code"  and "Too Many Negative People." With her guidance, you will learn to stop distractions and energy drainers in their tracks, regain control of your life, save time, and activate your innate healing abilities for pain relief.  Prepare to unlock a new vitality, abundance, and joy level! With techniques my clients have paid me thousands of dollars for.

This empowering experience combines education, inspiration, and actionable strategies to help you unlock your full potential. Together, we'll delve into the power of focus, discover how to find joy amidst life's challenges, and explore the art of building deep, meaningful connections.

Here's what you can expect from the Focus and Flow Masterclass:

  • Pain Relief techniques
  • Increased Confidence, self-esteem
  • Manage Distractions
  • Increase Income
  • Conquer Anxiety and Overwhelm
  • Create More Meaningful Relationships
  • Stop Wasting Time

Activating Your Healing Abilities:

  • Unlock Your Healing abilities
  • Communication Strategies 

I am committed to providing an action-oriented class that allows you to leave with real tools to help.

Stop delaying and join me in this life change masterclass.

This Masterclass will start in

What you'll learn


Stop Energy Drainers

Discover how unknowing you invite others to take your energy. 

6 Being Drained Symptoms

Discover little know symptoms of being drained. Eyes, stomach brain fog are effects of being drained.

Recharging Breath

The recharging breath will calm you down fast and increase your energy.  It is fast, easy, that you can do anywhere, anytime or any place. 

Meaningful Connections

You will find your relationships improve, and at a deeper level, you connect. Communication is enhanced so that it is easier you feel more fulfilled.

Pain Relief

Discover the pain-reducing techniques you can do anywhere.  Many attendees have felt immediate relief.


Separate your energy from others and keep negative energy away.

Scents To Energize

Learn and use the power of scents to energize or calm you. Using nature's own natural scents to help you.

Gratitude A Super Power

Being grateful is more than something you do. It can  increase your energy field significantly.

See what past attendees have to say:


"WOW, my knees are pain-free after doing the exercises in class." - PC


I had suffered from bloating for years and did not know what it was. Darielle showed me that I kept picking up other people's energy as an empath. She showed me how to take the bloat down quickly. It was fun. - Ed


"WOW, I felt happier, more in control, helped with decisions and fatigue. Sherry - WA

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

Carol, an intern, struggled with feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain as she navigated the demands of a medical internship, including tests and long hours.

The masterclass was a turning point for Carol. It gave her the tools and confidence to survive and thrive in her internship. Applying the principles of the Focus and Flow masterclass, she found a renewed sense of purpose and clarity in her career path. She learned to conquer anxiety and distractions, set meaningful goals within her learning schedule, expand her network, and find joy in her everyday life. This transformation led to a significant boost in her confidence, fulfillment, and success in her endeavors.

A week later, she called excitedly, saying," I constantly practiced these techniques and affirmations. I could not believe how calm I felt with more energy. Obstacles either evaporated or diminished significantly.

Knowing how to stop the Distractions and Energy Drainers increased my confidence. Life is more manageable, and I have the time and energy to enjoy it.

She said, "She was teaching her boyfriend some techniques."


So... are you in?

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