Energy Clearing And Healing

July 3, 2022  ♦  Energy First Aid Academy

Energy clearing and Healing is the process of removing the residue you have around you.

The Umbrella of Protection

Higher energy vibrations are like an umbrella of protection.  These vibrations let you feel safe and warm underneath while the damaging rain falls to the ground.  Laughter and gatherings with positive friends and family are also good energizers. 

Keep people from taking your energy and making you feel uncomfortable. Often, we feel the pressure of negative energy pressing down on the areas of the head, neck, shoulders, and front of the chest. You may experience the feeling that something is in your throat. 

Balance is another factor that contributes to well-being and raises your vibration.  Take breaks often and be present when talking with people.  Hear what they are asking for and saying - acknowledge them.  

I guide entrepreneurs,  holistic practitioners, healers, and caregivers on ways to heal, minimize overwhelm, and recharge.

Using the Combined Power of a Healing Mindset, Feng Shui, and Energy Work so that people create a Life they Love, and a business that supports them.


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