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Feng Shui Pure & Simple


Darielle Archer

Your Feng Shui Coach and Mentor

Learn the 9 areas of Feng Shui, Discover the Life Map - the Bagua, using the life map correctly, knowing what area to adjust, how much is too much or too little?, explore the color and elements of each area, correct imbalances. 

Activate the life areas, feel confident in making adjustments, to help bring your desires to fruition, and so much more. This fun, interactive class is packed with so much information to use in your daily life.

Go Here First 

Week 1: Feng Shui Basics

Week 2: Knowledge, Career, and Benefactors/Travel

Week 3: Working with Family, Wealth, and Fame

Week 4: Your Home Sketches

Week 5 Adjusting The Energy Flow

Week 6: Bringing It Together

FSPS  Bonus 1 Home Office 

FSPS Bonus 2 Home Office

Feng Shui Pure & Simple 6-Week Course Starting APRIL 22nd


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