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Hello! I’m Darielle

Through Ancient Arts & Spiritual Wisdom

You Can Unlock Your Full
Potential to Create a More
Balanced & Harmonious Life

If you’re an entrepreneur, caregiver, healer, holistic practitioner – or animal lover, you’re in the right place.

Guided Coaching, Energy Work & Feng Shui will Help You:

  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Your Goals in Life and Business
  • Clear Your Space from Physical and Emotional Clutter That Holds Your Peace Captive
  • Elevate Your Spouse and Validate Their Worth for a More Meaningful Relationship
  • Release Guilt, Shame, Anxiety and Trauma so You Can Live More Abundantly
  • Understand & Connect with Your Pets on a Deeper Level

Experience success in all areas of your life…

by tapping into your energy field

Come • Explore • Learn

Searching for Answers & Healing

You Haven’t Been Able to Find?

As a lightning strike survivor, I have a rare and unique understanding of energy and self-healing. More insights became unlocked through:

  • Decades of Training and Certification
  • Serving as a Certified Expert Hypnosis Practitioner for Over 20 Years
  • And Spiritual Travel to Learn Ancient Arts from the Masters in places like China, Hong Kong, Tibet, Chengdu, London & the UK

Our experiences have led us on a path
to meet right here, right now.

We'll Work Together to
Unlock Your Strengths & Healing Energy

You Will Discover How To Activate Your:


Darielle - 2023 - 4

Releasing the pause button, pressing GO and growing with a new zest for life, newfound motivation & increased enthusiasm


Darielle - 2023 - 4

Becoming aware of your superpowers & gaining insights to recognize toxic environments & relationships that are draining your energy


Darielle - 2023 - 4

Overcoming burnout and recognizing stress patterns allows you to unlock your potential and experience your best, most awesome life

Your reliance to adapt in each area will empower you to

Improve the Quality of Your Energy, Health & Happiness.

As Seen In:

Featured KOMO Radio – Home Front Show – Feng Shui – Seattle, WA • KOMO Radio – Penny Legate - Hypnotherapy • KKNW – Hypnotherapy • Natural Choice Network – Co-Host • Sedona Spotlight – Co-Host • Yavapai College Sedona – Teacher and Leadership Board • Common Ground Magazine: Annual Predictions

The journey here began as a quest of curiosity to

Understand the Energies

Experienced Throughout Life

Darielle - 2023 - 5 - 5

Hey there! I’m Darielle Archer

Mindset Coach, Energy Healer, Feng Shui Consultant and Speaker.

I’ve traveled the globe to find answers and learn how to harness energy…

From the Appalachian Mountains to the West Coast and throughout most of the 50 states

To the jungles of Costa Rica, UK, Italy, China and - eventually - to the top of the world in Lhasa.

Let’s Work Together to Harness Yours

the three of us

“I was able to refocus my energy.”

Before working with Darielle, I suffered from frequent anxiety attacks that were extremely distressing. Anxiety and stress were interfering with my well-being, ability to focus, productivity, and self-care. With Darielle’s help, I was able to refocus my energy, vision myself meeting personal goals, and accomplishing things I never imagined. I feel very lucky to know her.

- Leslie

"I walked with no pain and my hip!"

I had badly injured my hip and ankle after tripping and falling. I was in excruciating pain and couldn't walk. Darielle, a gifted healer, began her energy work with me. She explained how blue energy would help to relax my body and calm my mind. I felt a significant improvement. I was able to stand up and walk without pain. It was an amazing experience!

- Kathy

Take What You Need



Looking for natural ways to improve all areas of your life?

Gemstones and minerals have been used for centuries for their healing properties.

As you begin to tap into natural powers that boost your health and well-being, you’ll use this free guide again and again to reference types and uses of gems and minerals!



How do you recharge when you’re consistently being drained and giving out all your energy?

This free guide will help you recognize and address energy vampires that suck life from you so you can reset with healthy boundaries and protect your energy on demand.



Are you overwhelmed by chaos and clutter and looking for an antidote?

The flow of chi (energy) in your home impacts your income, productivity, relationships, and pets.

This free ebook will teach you how to use Feng Shui to benefit all members of your household – even furry ones!


HER: Healing
Energy Release
for inflammation

Do you feel heavy or uncomfortable energy when entering a room?

Frequently encounter others who keep pushing and pressuring you?

Sensitive, visual, and creative women are especially at risk from toxic, aggressive, and self-important people stealing their energy.

The Holistic Energy Release (HER) Technique in this free guide will help you stop the effects of toxic people stealing your energy that leave you feeling ill or inadequate.

Darielle - 2023 - Portrait - Leiah

“ engaging speaker and teacher”

Darielle is a gifted speaker. Her relaxed manner and engaging stories make her trainings informative and enjoyable. She is a wealth of knowledge with thought-provoking and inspiring insight. I highly recommend Darielle for her knowledge, experience and high level of expertise.

- Leaiah
Darielle - 2023 - Portrait - sherry

"She performed an absolute miracle!"

I asked Darielle to Feng Shui our house. She created collections and pockets of beauty everywhere you look, including a photo gallery and work studio, which I absolutely love. The Feng Shui flowed outside with a beautiful, relaxing patio.

- Sherry

Wondering What it's Like to Work With Me?

Darielle - 2023 - 10 - 10

Darielle's 3-Point System...

Darielle - 2023 - 11 - 11



Your Position


The first phase involves recognizing what isn’t working, acknowledging the uncomfortable and learning to trust yourself to verify your intuitions and awaken to your purpose.

You'll be equipped to assess your life journey with my unique PIE Charting System so you can map out where you want to go.



the Path

Clear & Improve

This phase is all about getting in sync with your emotional self, physical body & feelings while learning to live & experience your core values.

You'll be empowered with my 4-PART Energizing Framework (Pause, Assess, Recharge, Take Action) so you can love where you are & be excited for what’s to come.



Your Mark

Live Fully & Maintain

With this continuation phase, using my proven Motivational Systems, we'll uncover the secrets of drawing energy through your surroundings that help you recharge, move forward & enjoy the process while holding yourself accountable.

Strengthening your resolve and motivation so you can master your life journey & purpose.

What Others Are Saying:

“Significant… immediate changes…”

Since I instituted Darielle’s ideas, there have been some significant and fairly immediate changes to my life — who knew changing the color of a closet could double my referral business!

- MarY

"I can’t believe it!"

My husband had been out of work for over a year and my son was struggling in school. A few days after your Feng Shui of our home my husband got a job and my son started to improve. I can’t believe it!

- Eileen

Take The Next Step:

Ancient Arts & Spiritual Wisdom


30-Minute 1:1

Book a Call on Zoom or by Phone for a half-hour session with Darielle

60-Minute 1:1

Book a Call on Zoom or by Phone for a full hour session with Darielle

SAVE $50! 3-Session Package

Package of 3 60-Minute Calls on Zoom or by Phone with Darielle

More About Darielle's Specialized Services

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Membership, Business, Individual Sessions, and groups.


Darielle - 2023 - 19 - 5
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Energy Work

Energy Work & Energy Protection Group & Individual Sessions

choose your own path

Darielle - 2023 - 19 - 5
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Remote Healing

Remote Healing & Medical Intuitive Sessions for Individuals & Pets

3 session minimum

Darielle - 2023 - 19 - 5

Integrity Guarantee

Together, we will set intentions that our sessions will have significant impact on your environment to improve your life. My desire is that you will be satisfied and that my exceed your expectations.

If you aren't pleased with your results, I will help you find alternative resources.

Remember These Free Resources

Not sure where to start?





The Thriving Code: A Guide For Healing And Energy Protection

Darielle - 2023 - 20 - 20

A step-by-step powerful roadmap filled with positive energy techniques. This is a practical, empowering, and nurturing book and is created to help and support you to thrive in your daily life. Why wait to start living your life?

Too Many Negative People: A handbook for peace in a time of stress

Darielle - 2023 - 20 - 20

We cannot always avoid negative people in our day-to-day activities. This small handbook may have enough survival tips on protecting one’s self from negativity, it could last a lifetime.

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